Yoga Retreats

I offer retreats in the UK and around the World and am so so passionate about creating the most amazing experiences for my guests. My retreats include:

  • Themed yoga classes. I choose topics around Personal Development and bringing our yoga practice to our every day lives. e.g. living in the moment, going at our own pace and experimentation with what feels good (not always what we think we should do)
  • Beautiful food. I source the best chefs, wherever we are in the world to prepare and cook delicious, healthy and abundant recipes. I love choosing chefs who are happy to offer more than just food but workshops around healthy cooking and recipes for you to take home too
  • Unique workshops. Topics include: Goal Setting, Eco Living, Learning how to Juggle, Getting Upside Down, Leg Flexibility Methods and Back bending
  • Gorgeous Locations. This is a critical criteria for the locations I select. I won’t be choosing any 4/5 locations, they will all be 5/5!!
  • Community: creating a community feel through dining, practising yoga and sharing conversation with one another
  • 1:1 Support: whenever you need it. Whether yoga related or not, I am here to support you. I am also a qualified Holistic Health Coach and love using the principles I’ve learnt in my training to support you to live your best life

Hoping to see you on retreat someday soon 🙂

Helena xx