How To Stop Rushing & Start Being

I returned back from a couple of years of travelling in Jan 2017. I was chilled, living in the moment, resistant to cut off my travelling bracelets and give my hair a proper brush, and confused why all these Londoners were rushing around like mad just to tick things off a list. ‘Are these guys … Continue reading How To Stop Rushing & Start Being


What To Expect From A Yoga Retreat With Me

Perhaps you are interested in going on your first retreat or purely inquisitive about what the hell we get up to. So I've put together 'the main bits' below to hopefully give you a an understanding of what goes on.... Community Spirit Expect group meal times, partner work in yoga classes, workshops together (e.g. around … Continue reading What To Expect From A Yoga Retreat With Me

Tel Aviv Food Guide

My boyfriend Sam and I spent 6 days in Tel Aviv in February 2018. I fell in love with the hipster cafes, beach vibes and forward thinking attitudes. Of course a major highlight was the food. It is a very VEGGIE friendly City (which I'm now noticing tends to correlate with forward thinking, techy places!) … Continue reading Tel Aviv Food Guide

Overcoming an Iron Deficiency

My Goal To share my hours and hours of findings (mainly from the internet), explain what did and didn't work for me and help people to prevent an iron deficiency from ever starting (rather than having one to treat!) Who is Anaemic? Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world, affecting about 25% … Continue reading Overcoming an Iron Deficiency

10 Benefits of Plant Based Living

Since stopping eating animals & their products in early 2016 I have been pretty amazed by the various benefits and life improvements I've experienced. People are always asking what I see the greatest benefits to be, so I've noted down some of my favourites in case you're interested: 1. Energy, Energy, Energy This is by far … Continue reading 10 Benefits of Plant Based Living

Chips ‘n’ Dip

Crisps are undeniably addictive. My boyfriend Sam is the biggest crisp addict I've ever met. He buys the cheapest varieties as a few moments after opening a bag, they are gone. Since he's trying to cut down on his sometimes 15 bags a day habit (no joke, his max is 18 small bags in a … Continue reading Chips ‘n’ Dip

Vegan Eats in London

A selection of my favourite vegan and veggie eats across London .... 😬 Essence, Old Street Favourite dish: bangers and mash   Mildreds: Soho, Dalston, Kings Cross Favourite dish: pie 'n' mash   Leon, all over London Favourite dish: mezze     Liberty Loves, based West ( including Richmond market on a Sunday) Favourite dish: … Continue reading Vegan Eats in London

6 Quick, Cheap ‘N Easy Vegan Meals

Figuring out how you can make an animal product free meal with minimal effort and stress can seem daunting. I get it! Therefore, here are some of my most simple yet yummy and nutritious recipes that you can have on hand...these are all steals. There are so so many good recipes out there, however it … Continue reading 6 Quick, Cheap ‘N Easy Vegan Meals

Peanut Butter Cookies

  The great thing about PB over the almond/cashew etc varieties is that it is very cheap. I reccomend any of the varieties which are at least 97% peanuts (99% if you can). I know Aldi does a 97% version for just over £1. Snack cookies are brilliant for taking to work or for a … Continue reading Peanut Butter Cookies

Let’s all avo chocolate mousse tonight!

Avocado in a desert? Whattttt?! Surely not. I really didn't believe it would work. I thought that surely the green savoury vegetable taste would come through.... Proven wrong. If you give it a go, prepare to be shocked...! Now I've tried avocado in smoothies, cheesecakes, mousse and icecream, I am 100% an avo-in-dessert-convert. If you'd like … Continue reading Let’s all avo chocolate mousse tonight!