Health Coaching Testimonials

Monika Pietrowski – February 2018 to Current

I’m so grateful to Helena for her coaching. I’ve suffered from anaemia for over 6 years now and nothing seemed to help. Helena helped me see it wasn’t necessarily about feeding my body more iron based foods/supplements, but helping it absorb them. By implementing a few changes to my diet and finding supplements that were kind to my body, I started to see results within a week!
I now have more energy than ever, no longer suffer form headaches and don’t have to worry that certain exercise/activities are going to deplete my iron levels. I couldn’t recommend Helena more highly. She’s a pleasure to be coached by, takes the time to listen and thinks outside the box when it comes to health and nutrition.

Alison Price – September 2017 to Current

Working with Helena has been really powerful.  I feel like she’s given me permission to eat carbs that I love again, such as potato and pasta.  She’s been fantastic at providing me with new ideas of what to eat, explaining things simply and sending me ideas for recipes and new things to try.  As a result, I’m enjoying eating more than I ever have before when being mindful of food – this makes change very sustainable rather than a diet.  I’ve set myself some running challenges as a direct result of working with her, which feel achievable, and I feel really well supported by her regular check-ins.  I highly recommend working with Helena – she’s lovely to work with as well as being a great coach.


Justin Weiner – 2016/17

Helena helped me understand that healthy eating and healthy living not only makes you fit and strong but changes your entire attitude to life. Helena has the right attitude and the knowledge you want from a coach and I’d have absolutely no reservations in recommending here to anyone looking to change their attitude towards healthy living.