My Why

I’m Helena, a millennial, a lover of everything around entrepreneurship, productivity and sustainable business. I’m determined to help sustainable businesses become a success and believe I can help you start or build upon your ethical side hustle….

My career story, so far…

I’ve mainly worked in the following 3 types of business;

1) A large corp, selling advertising space

2) A handful of fast growing start ups, selling technology, coaching and leadership training

3) As a freelancer and running my own yoga business (retreats, classes, videos, events).

Working in these types of business and through my current role, working at a niche London Consultancy, I speak to hundreds of businesses and thousands of individuals each year (woah, bragger!), a large proportion of which are millenials. I’ve really noticed that we millenials want to make an impact. We want to improve the world we live in. We want to focus on the things which excite us in our everyday roles yet but a substantial income in doing so.

Project Side Hustle

As we, millenials, are wanting to make a greater impact on the world, more and more of us are starting up side hustles alongside our full time jobs. We want these to thrive, of course we do. We’d eventually love for these side hustles to turn into our main stream of income, perhaps not sole income and it’s ok to have multiple hyphens (read ‘The Multi Hyphen Effect” for more detail on this)) but we want to impact our communities, the world in some kind of positive way, whatever this may be.

Over the past four years I’ve been seeking myself to figure out my true passions and trying out all kinds of things (running healthy food market stalls, working for a coconut water company, making meal preparation straight forward for busy corporate workers, running marketing and sales campaigns for local businesses in 3rd world countries), 1:1 health and lifestyle coaching.

More recently, I’ve begun running yoga retreats, teaching yoga at festivals, youtube videos and teaching yoga classes in London. I’m loving it and have now come to the point where I can work part time to focus on running my yoga business and 1:1 business mentoring for other, side hustlers like myself.

My Goal

From the above, you may have worked it out. My goal is to help you grow your side hustles –  for your side hustles to thrive and become a solid income stream. To help you  achieve this, I want to help you overcome your common set backs and to build the confidence, strategies and business know how to where you want your side hustle to be in a year’s time.

Sounds exciting? I hope so.

Outcome of working with me:

  • To help you reach your potential – doing this alone can be a real challenge, I’ve been there myself. Having the support, guidance and accountability will drive you to act and do more
  • Focus you in the right direction and help you to gain clarity of what this direction may be – you may be at the early stages of brainstorming a potential business venture or be later down the line in refining your offering. Whatever this may be, I help you to gain this clarity
  • Work out how you can best use your network to generate new opportunities you may not have realised are already sitting in front of you
  • To make you accountable for your actions – we all know how easy it is to say we are going to do something this week and how often things get forgotten and we get annoyed at ourselves for forgetting. A business mentor will ensure you stay focussed and accomplish those goals you need to in order to set you on your way for where you want to head to
  • Saving you time and unnecessary stress of trying to figure everything out alone
  • To help you develop a positive mentality for the inevitable set backs you will face
  • To help you understand yourself better – what your strengths and weaknesses are. How can you best use these and how can you bring in others to help with your ‘blind spots’?
  • Helping you to work smarter rather than harder so you free up more time for new projects and having fun
  • The simple sales techniques that anyone can adopt, even if the word ‘sales’ makes you cringe like crazy!
  • Supporting you with setting clear, SMART goals and keeping you accountable to achieve
  • Learning who and how others in our network will help us and building a loyal customer base.
  • Clarity – why and what do you want to achieve? Intensive sessions, step by step plan for how to achieve your goals


Next Steps

Interested in taking a further look at how I may be able to help you?

I offer a complimentary 30 minute Skype consultation where I understand your needs and you can gain a bit more understanding of how I can help you reach your goals. Send me an email to to book this in – I’d love to hear about you, your side hustle or the one you haven’t’ yet started!


How Do I Help You?

I provide 1:1 business mentoring face to face (in London) or via Skype (globally).

The steps:

1.Firstly, I assess what the individuals I am working with needs and how I can help them from an initial face to face or telephone conversation.

2. I draw up your challenges and feed them back to you to see if you agree. Common challenges include;

  • How to build loyal repeat customers
  • How to acquire new customers
  • How to build the network you need for new opportunities
  • How to gain funding for your new venture

3. Whatever your greatest challenges may be, I then work to design a sequence of meetings (between 6 and 10 depending on your needs) to focus on your challenges, and step by step, help you to overcome these.

4. We schedule your first 60-75 minute business mentoring session



This is for you if:

  • You maybe already have a side hustle. It’s small and you want to grow it but HOW?
    You have ideas spinning around your head constantly but how do you put them into action?
  • You have areas of your side hustle which are being neglected e.g. how do you finance it? How do you find profitable customers? How do you figure out what marketing strategies are right for you


Millenials want to change the world… (seperate page? – e.g. ‘the changing world of work’)

I’ve become so passionate about helping friends with building their entrepreneurial ventures. It is predicted that by 2020 half of us millennials will have their incomes coming from more than one place. Us millennials recognize the need to future proof ourselves in the workplace and develop the entrepreneurial skills we need to get us from where we are at, to where we want to be.

The 9-5, working from an open plan office space after a hectic commute is not for all of us. Understandably so. It doesn’t tend to be the most productive use of our time or necessarily tick all of our boxes with where we want to get to with our lives.

Since our planet and animals haven’t been cared for as well as we ought to have since the industrial revolution, us millennials recognize the need to make changes, sharpish. Otherwise the damage we’ve made may be irreversiblie.

Therefore, we are coming up with new, exciting ideas for how we can help the world, whilst make a fair amount of income to allow us to live the lives, travel and adventure in the ways we want to.

The opportunities out there…

Us millenials have been born at an exciting time. There is so much change going on and so much opportunity. Many of us are trying to make ourselves better people and the world a better place. We carry our eco cups with us to work, the park and when volunteering at our local litter picking site. Oh right no that’s just me. But what I’m saying is we want MORE than just our day job and to get a mortgage, a fancy fridge (guilty though I’m still trying to persuade my partner that we need a SMEG one) and we don’t just want 2 yearly trips to the costa brava. We want to make a difference to the communities around us and make our beautiful planet stay beautiful.
Stats. Conclusive sentence

For us milkenials we are being pulled in all kinds of directions. Part of us wants to be building a small empire whilst the other half wants financial security and another part of us is looking to travel and adventure whenever we can!

It is becoming the norm to have a side hustle (or if you’d prefer we can call it ‘side project’) which you work on as well as your day job. Whether this be as a yoga teacher, developing sustainable bikinis, starting a healthy food business or using data to help combat climate change. We want to help this world, and we want to do it in exciting ways which make us feel alive and brimming with excitement. We know the 9-5 at the same desk for 15 years has become outdated. We want variety, change and to work on the things we are passionate. Even if this does mean we’re waiting an extra few years to put down that flat deposit.

And how can I help? In 2015 I took on a 1 year coaching course during my career break (oh which I took at the age of 23 after being sucked into a well paid job and confused by how unfulfilled I was despite being able to purchase my own flat after only working in the ‘real world’ for a few years.) learning to become a coach and being coached by numerous people myself helped me to realise how important our mindset and action plans are for our success.

Waiting for the right opportunity to arise i came to realise doesn’t happen. Everything we need is out there, we just need to make these opportunities happen. Imposter syndrome is real and nearly every millennial I know has experienced anxiety in the workplace. We don’t always believe we have what it takes to start our own side hustles and we’re forever worried that we are not delivering to our potential. Having a coach helped me tremendously to keep on track, for someone to keep me accountable for my goals and to set out clear strategies for success (whatever that word may mean to me)





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