Reasons To Visit Norfolk In 2019

‘Why on earth would I go to Norfolk?’ you may be thinking. Fair thought.

Until quite recently I also had no idea why this place is pretty special and how much it has to offer.

So here goes, I’m outlining some of the awesome things Norfolk has to offer and why it is my chosen destination for my 2019 UK Yoga retreat.


National Parks

The ‘Norfolk Broads’ is Norfolk’s beautiful National park (or one of them). They are in fact mentioned in David Bowie’s song ‘Life on Mars’.


It is a 125-mile navigable and lock-free network of waterways, which you can enjoy on a boat.

Gorgeous beaches

Miles and miles of unspoilt sand…90 miles of it in fact! There’s a bit of everything beachwise – sandy beaches at Brancaster, Holkham and Wells-next-the-Sea, beautiful bird watching nature reserves, a 4-mile long spit of sand which is home to the UK’s largest colony of seals and stunning cliff views – like the ones in the picture. Fancy walking or running to see it? There is a coastal path to take you around!

Norfolk Beaches.jpg

Downtown abbeys

If you are a Downton fan then Norfolk is a good place for you! There are the most Downton’s in the UK and some of them you can walk around the gardens and have a drink in a local pub.

Chalk reef

Also described as the UK’s equivalent of the ‘Great Barrier Reef’ you can visit Chalk Reef to get your fishy fix! It is 200m off the Norfolk coat and marine life includes;  sponges, burrowing piddocks, sea squirts, anemones, starfish, brittlestars, sea slugs and fish including shoaling horse mackerel and bass. May be a bit chilly in the winter months to go for a dive but definitely could be on the cards in the Summer!

chalk reef.jpg

Erpingham House

The UK’s biggest veggie restaurant. Menu is unreal! Check out the link here for more info. I can’t wait to try it.

erpingham house.jpg


My research tells me that Norwich is the best preserved medieval city in the UK. Lots of culture, shopping, walking to do here. Also, the  pedestrianised lanes full of the best cafes, independent shops and beer spots! Yummmo.

norwich lanes.jpg

For History buffs there is a Cathedral and other historic sites!


Least Rain In The UK

and the most sun! A reason alone to visit Norfolk

Thetford Forest

80 square miles of beauty to walk, run, cycle, picnic, spot pretty red deer or come to take magical photos!

Something else amazing to do here is search for ‘pingos’ – these are circular lakes which were formed in the last ice age/. There’s an 8-mile trail of them you can walk – completely unique to Norfolk!




Review sites tell me that this place is where to go for a unique and social foodie experience.

No menu but instead tapas plates are brought round and you choose what you want during your time there. Sounds cool



Any other good spots I’ve missed then please let me know! I will add xxx

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