Retreat Yourself: 11 Reasons To Do A Yoga Holiday

Below I’ve outlined the benefits of yoga retreats/holidays and hopefully giving you a bit more about what to expect if you have one planned….enjoy!


1. Develop Your Flexibility

Kicking off with this one and I know you’re all going durrrr, this is quite an obvious one but definitely a beneficial one! On the yoga retreats I’ve been on, after long weekends doing plenty of yoga poses I’ve felt pretty bendy but after a whole week I’ve been touching my head onto my heels and nose to my lower back. OK, not quite but be assured you’ll notice this one!

Whether you are a complete beginner or more advanced, all can benefit from a deep stretchy practice.


2. Meet New, Likeminded People

I’ve been on 5 yoga retreats/holidays to date and at every single one I’ve made long term, amazing connections. Whether these be friendships, future business contacts or people who’ve helped me with other areas of my life … health advice/career coaching/people who’ve kept me motivated and excited about furthering my yoga practice… all sorts!


3. Time With Nature

Most of us live busy, hectic lives with so many priorities we’re juggling at once. Time away from it all can help to restore our minds and bodies so that on return we can be the best versions of ourselves once again; to our families, our work, aligned with our goals.


Make the most of the free time between classes to explore, listen and feel. On my retreats there is plenty of free time as market research has shown me this is what people desire)

4. Travel

A safe, cost effective way to explore new places with a flexible itinerary. On my retreats I leave plenty of time for exploring, ideas for what you can do in this free time and everything is optional (even the yoga). Travel is a huge passion of mine and I really want people to have amazing travel experiences.


5. Get Stronger

In mind and body. Your downward dogs will become easier (I couldn’t hold one for more than 5 breaths without being exhausted when I first started). if you’re more advances then headstands, forearm stands and handstands will be worked on.

There are always plenty of yoga poses for beginners and types of yoga will be varied!


6. The Big R’s….Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate

An opportunity to absolutely let your body come back to feeling at its best


7. Build New Healthy Habits

You will pick up new learnings. New ideas for how to develop your own yoga practice, meditations, new healthy recipes (if you became a tiny bit better at each of these think about what a huge impact this could have on your overall life!?)


8. Eat Well Without Having To Do The Work

Delicious, healthy food which makes you feel light and alive, whilst ALWAYS satisfied.


8. Take A Step Back From Your Life

Have some time to think about what you’ve accomplished (there will be more than you think, what you need and set yourself goals for how you will get there…without all the other stresses that get in the way from doing this

Stop overthinking and start living more in the present. If we all lived the in the present for 10% more of our time that’d be an extra 1.5 hours of your waking day, 10 hours a week, 520 waking hours a year….that would be amazing!

Itha 3

10. Rebuild Your Energy Levels.

From my career working in a busy corporate environment, I know what the challenges are many of your face on return to work. Therefore my retreats and built to recharge you, and set you up for success and productivity on return to your desk.


11. Disconnect From Technology.

This doesn’t mean no technology is allowed on my retreats not at all! But with poor wifi and a focus on our bodies will automatically be giving you that digital detox you may need!


Please get in contact with me via my Instagram or Email to ask questions about my retreats or other retreats I can recommend! xxx

Instagram: helenawilton


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