What I wish I knew about CONTRACEPTION

Periods. A bit of a taboo subject hey!?

If you’re male, you’ve probably already looked away. If you’re female maybe you also feel a little uncomfortable about reading on. However, if you are interested in learning a bit more about this taboo-some topic, then please take 5 minutes to gander below…

Unfortunately society has ingrained it into us that periods and contraception should not be an openly discussed topic. However, after the experiences I’ve had over the last few years I feel that it is a super important topic to discuss and that we should all educate ourselves on the options, advantages and disadvantages of what’s out there in the spectrum of contraception. I don’t believe there is one right answer for everyone but making an informed decision about what to put in or not to put into your body is important.


Why am I sharing this?

This post is not designed to tell people what to do or not to do. Instead, it is to share my personal experiences, which I wish had been available for me when I’d been making a decision about what contraception to opt for. Back in 2014, I thought that reading a bunch of articles on websites and info on various NHS/doctor related pages that this gave me substantial information to make an informed decision about what contraception to opt for. Looking back at my 23 year old self, I wish I’d have researched and questioned things a bit more, yet hindsight is always far wiser than reality!

23 years young I was preparing for a vague trip around the world with my boyfriend Sam. With little planned other than a one way ticket to New York, the idea of beaches, surfing and lots of bikinis,I thought it would be a great idea to go on a hormonal contraception which would stop me having periods all together. Logical right? It would give me the freedom I craved to explore the world with minimal inconveniences, and because a coil is inserted inside me, this means less hormones into my blood stream. ‘Sounds like a great idea’, I thought to myself.


What is a hormonal ‘coil’?

A T-shaped device which is inserted into a woman’s ‘bits’ and stays in there until she has it taken out by a nurse. There are many different types, mine was a ‘Jaydess’, a smaller variation of the Mirena (popular) coil, designed for women under 30 who have not yet had kids. I got this inserted in January 2014 by a nurse…a pretty uncomfortable procedure and I was in pain for the next 3 days (where your body is getting used to having something inside it).


My Story

I understood there was always going to be potential side effects with any kind of contraception I chose but the pros seemed to outweigh the cons. My periods vanished straight away after having the coil inserted (which happens to some others, although for some people they have periods as per normal throughout the time they have their coil in).

Gradually some other side effects began, including severe dryness, which caused a LOT of pain during sec, (happy to discuss these in person, just pop me a message), spots and other symptoms of hormonal imbalance, and to be honest that was probably all of the side effects I had – however the dryness and learning about other forms of more natural contraception I could use in the future is what drew me to getting it removed. I thought it would be easy….having the coil out and my period would pop back quite rapido, or so I thought….

After having the coil removed my period didn’t return….I waited…..went to the doctors….waited some more….back to the doctors….blood tests….hormone tests…..pee tests…..ultrasound….a couple of gynaecologist visits etc and still no period!

This time was pretty uncomfortable. No signs of a period returning and having children has always been a priority for me. ‘What if it never returns?’ I kept thinking to myself.

Eventually I went and saw a few different hollistic natural healers who explained to me that my hormones were out of whack from all these unnatural hormones I’d been putting into my body (on top of numerous contraceptive pills I’d taken 16-23) and you can’t expect your own body to snap back into normal mode after you’ve been pummelling it for years with these drugs to stop your body from ovulating in the way it wants to do.

Another year or so passed….still nothing!

After hours of research, speaking to people and gaining ideas I was absolutely focussed on getting my period back. I put a lot of effort into working on my ‘hormone balancing’ – more info on this below.


At last

2 years down the line at last it returned – far more painful and heavy than before but I was so so glad to finally get it back.

Hormone Balancing – What Worked For Me?

It is hard to exactly put a finger on what worked for me to get my periods back but here is what I tried:

  • Increasing my unsaturated fat intake – I focused on nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut yogurt – making sure to have a good serving with each meal. Putting on a bit of weight can sometimes be a necessary sacrifice to focus on what’s more important – getting your periods back!
  • Maca powder – is typically quite expensive, as you want to be having a few teaspoons for it each day to be making an impact. However, if you live in London, Hetu in Clapham Junction sells it very reasonably or you could bulk buy Advantage is that it is delicious – I add to porridge and smoothies but could be used for all sorts of things.
  • Eating red foods – beetroot and red wine were what I focussed on! Also hibiscus tea…I bought some on Amazon but lost it…I lose everything!
  • Meditation – 5 mins each day – found by searching on Youtube for ‘5 minute guided meditation’
  • More yoga and walking, and less high intensity exercise
  • Massaging the womb area gently – stimulates the organs to get working again!



If I’d have known what I do now 4 years ago, there is no way I’d opt for a hormonal contraception. However, what I would have considered is a ‘Copper Coil’ – they are hormone free, highly reliable and does not involve taking something every day at the same time, which can be a challenge for travellers like I was.

Now I will be only using more natural methods moving forward and planning to purchase a ‘Lady Comp’ which has amazing reviews.


Let me know any questions you have xxx


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