The Japanese Alps

For me, this was the most beautiful part of our 3 weeks in Japan. I love outdoorsy stuff and old towns and it met my expectations of beauty…

As we were in between hiking and ski seasons we had to use some creativity to make our time in Japan’s alpine region special but knew it was somewhere we 100% wanted to spend some time.

Therefore, after a little online research we hopped on the bullet train from Tokyo and arrived in a beauuuutiful village called Takayama. The village itself attracts hoards of tourists as its cobbled streets and shops are quite idyllic. However, the tourists stick to the same few streets. 5 mins out of the centre and we barely saw a soul…..

So here are a few tips from our handful of days in the Japanese Alps…

1. Walk rather than bus it

We spent our days walking, walking and more walking to enjoy the autumn leaves and see more than what you would on transport. However, this wasn’t the only reason for always opting for walking…  one day we went to buy a one way bus ticket to a local alpine village and couldn’t believe that a 1 hour public bus ticket cost almost $50 for 2 people. Instead we chose to further explore what was on our doorstep!

2. Eat Hearty Food

Being chilly calls for warming dishes. The food here, like everywhere I visited in Japan was incredible…

We ate oodles of noodles and delicious dumplings.

3. Visit the farmers markets

We were there during apple season and they were some of the best apples I’ve ever eaten. Bonus that the ladies serving you look this #cute!

4. Check out hidden shrines

Since there are far fewer tourists in the Alpine region, it made the shrines far more idyllic

5. Stay in places filled of wooden furniture 

We stayed at ‘Sora Ama’ hostel which I felt was perfectly located and beautifully organised. Highly reccomend!

These bunk rooms were so cooooosy

Overall, a magical time spent in the beautiful  Japanese Alps 😀 xxxxx

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