Beach Hopping In Goa

Sam and I spent some time hopping between the beaches in the South of Goa before my yoga teacher training course began.

Here is a little summary of where we visited:


We spent a couple of nights here early on during our stay in Goa. Great scene of locals, beautiful long beaches and lots of bars (full of lots of Russians!)


My second favourite beach. I loved all the cafe’s, it makes a great running spot and we stayed in pretty huts right on the beach so my memory is waking up to crashing waves mmmmmm….



I loved the change in tides here. Much quieter than Patnem beach and a fun way of getting there is to climb over the rocks at Patnem….keep your mobile out of water’s reach thought!

and you might even be lucky enough to get a dog sniffing at your bum like I was…



I spent a month here so definitely feel the most love towards this beach. The stray doggies, beautiful sunsets and chilled atmosphere.


Behind me is where I lived for my month at yoga school….


Absolutely deserted. We had the whole beach to ourselves. Met the lifeguard who said he was off to have breakfast because there was nobody on the beach. Chilled lyf man!


Another quiet beach. Worth renting a moped to hop between all these quieter beaches which may take time to reach if public transport is your only option.


Sunsets and doggies…. like a lot of Goa


A place for endless strolling and few, few people…..peace!


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