8 Days In Tokyo…in

Touching down in Tokyo, like any big city, is really exciting yet slightly overwhelming.

Arriving without at least a vague plan probably isn’t a good idea if you want to maximise a handful of days here. Why? because it is MAsSiVeee and you don’t want to spend the majority of your time on a train, trying to work out where to go next.

Tourist spots are quite spread out, so grouping together places & restaraunts you want to visit means you can divide and conquer your days most effectively!
My Tokyo highlights include the following:

(They are all easily ‘Google-able’ should any take your fancy and you wish to piece together to plan your own trip!)

Cat Cafe

Absolutely hilarious. Seems to be a popular date spot for the Japanese. You can buy drinks & food whilst playing with or simply watching the 20 or so cats roam around.

Not sure the cats seemed particularly happy though. When we opened the door to leave, like a lightening bolt a bunch of them sprinted out. Whoops!
Yogogi Park on a Sunday
Full of all kinds of street performers. Some will impress whilst others will confuse you. I loved watching all the crazily bizarre ones and I also made a new juggle buddy:

Bathing with the locals was probably my most authentic experience in Japan. Somewhat relaxing whilst being somewhat terrifying another person is point to angrily tell you off for bathing in the wrong way.

Definitely an experience I’m grateful to have had but not on my next Onset visit I will choose a more tourist friendly one 😉

Governement Building Viewing Tower
A popular thing to do of course is see a view across the city via the Sky Tower where you pay to view. However, a friend told me all this can be done for free, with an even better view at a government building.

I was so pleasantly surprised, the views were insane. Lovely and reasonably priced cafe there too 🙂

Listening to Local Bands

Well well well. It’s a very merry experience to witness some local music being played.

Tokyo’s take on 1D…


Tokyo Fish Market

An even bigger, grosser operation than I’d expected. Worth a visit to see for yourselves.

90% of Japan’s seas are now exploited so it probably won’t be quite the same in a few years time when that remaining 10% is over.
Running Around Imperial Palace

Being the weird people that we are, we sometimes decide to run between tourist attractions. Much more fun than public transport.

We ran from here onto the fish markets. Two tourist spots enjoyed before 9am and without the hoards of tourists!


We visited a few small ones. One super local and an organic farmers market we had been reccomended by a few people – this one I highly reccomend.


Oh my golly. I’d been told my several people how good all food in Japan is before arriving but after living in Aus, where even a cappuccino is made with the most delicate of care and finest beans, I was a little sceptical of these strong claims.

I visited an amazing veggie restaurant on my first day and the girls working there were so so helpful and put together a list of their favourite eateries in the city. We followed obediently. Highlights included:

Trueberry + Vegani

They have 3 cafes around the city. I visited 2 and again, overwhelmed by how tasty it all was.

Absolutely loved their soups and macrobiotic rice.

Mr T Tan Tan
When we arrived this was the number 1 restaraunt in the whole of Tokyo on Trip Advisor. Plus it was vegan – we had to go!

It is located in Tokyo train station, so makes a great before/after journey meal.

We tried a few different dishes and the peanut butter ramen above with dumplings to dip in was my absolute dream come true.

Another fantastic reccomendation from my local friend…

Soy milk ramen, a variety of delicacies, chilli-ginger stir fry and soups. Incredible

Veganic to go
Charcoal burgers! Teriyaki was my favourite but all delicious. Also they do great soups, fancy chips and the best chai latte I’ve ever had.

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