4 Tips for Building Your Yoga Brand

Starting out any new business idea can be daunting. I found it a little scary putting myself out there, teaching a bunch of very average classes and requesting feedback which would potentially kick me in the stomach. Therefore I want to share some of my findings which may help you if you are starting to create your yoga brand….

1. Get in front of people ASAP

No waiting around until you are ready. You never will be. All you need is one person to practice on….and I’m sure anyone can find one person who wants a free class!

I found standing up in front of a group of people and using my newly learnt teaching skills scary to start with…. would people ask me questions I had no idea how to answer? Would my classes be too easy? Would it be really hard to find clients?

The best thing I did was start teaching straight away. To a couple of friends in my living room…. then a local park…. eventually private classs at peoples houses and eventually studio teaching.

2. Offer free or low cost classes at your local Park Run

Here I have built a good network of yogis and those who need yoga to alleviate lots of the soreness which comes with running.

This has proven to be a great fan base for my yoga retreat marketing and when you offer something for free I find that people are very happy to give you something in return. My ‘ask’ was to like my Facebook page and write me a short review, resulting in an extra couple of reviews after every class I taught!

2. Practice yoga poses at your local gym

This has been my most successful way of building a client base and most of my private clients have come from this.

Fancy gym? Nope! Easy Gym for me. Here I do mini 10 minute stretch classes as a complimentary thing (basically doing my own stretches and people can join in casually) and I also spend half an hour a few times a week using the gym space to practice my own poses.

At nearly every visit I have people asking me about their injuries/new stretches. I’ve become somewhat of a subject matter expert without really intending to…. always carry a few business cards to give out!

3.Building a Facebook and Instagram page which includes your Location

Through this I have a handful of people contacting me each month to ask about classes and have even picked up a private client from my Facebook page.

To boost your presence on Facebook, ask people to write you a review and give you a rating. This will help with Google searches in the long term.

4. Lulu Lemon / similar Community Classes

If you are Lin London or based in a big city have a Google search of what community (complimentary) classes are on offer each week. LuLu lemon give you a free item of clothing in return and I have heard some other brands even pay you (despite attendees not having to pay)… it is great branding for the company!

This is a perfect way to get used to teaching large groups of people. It gave me experience of teaching 75+ people of mixed abilities when I’d only been teaching for a few months. Anything after this felt remarkably straight forward!

Please share your ideas, I’d love more inspiration!! Xxx

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