Tel Aviv Food Guide

My boyfriend Sam and I spent 6 days in Tel Aviv in February 2018. I fell in love with the hipster cafes, beach vibes and forward thinking attitudes. Of course a major highlight was the food. It is a very VEGGIE friendly City (which I’m now noticing tends to correlate with forward thinking, techy places!)

What most surprised me about Israeli cuisine was that it wasn’t just falafels and hummus which were on the menu for veggies, in fact we only at these a few times! There was such a wide array of veg based options which were creative and yummy. Here are my favourite spots:


Vegan junkier food at its best. Below to the right is a vagabond shawarma, made from homemade seitan (wheat based). It tasted just like kebab meat and reminded me of all the doners I ate in my teens!


This was the most highly reccomended vegan restaraunt, so we went there within an hour of arriving in Tel Aviv (also just around the corner from our Air bnb).

Despite it being evening time we chose the breakfast options (pretty cool that you can order these at any time of the day).

Delicious homemade breads, an array of dips, vegan shakshuka, asian noodles but my definite highlights were the vegan cheese and the tofu scramble (can’t believe it has taken me this long to discover it!)


Because we liked Anastasia so much we returned the next day for coffee and cake. Their homemade almond milk was incredible and I’m not usually an almond milk fan!


Definitely my favourite dining experience in Tel Aviv. This place was another level…

The ginger & pear G&T’s, homemade bread and extremely creative use of vegetables were my highlights. A can’t say what was my favourite thing because everything was 10/10.

They do a pea dip which is unreal and completely handmade (there was a chap by the entrance taking peas out of the pods…pictured in image above!) Below is a yellow split pea dahl, with aubergine, pine nuts and tahini.

Meshek Barzilay

Aside from the food, my highlight of this place was the awesome waiter/bar man. He gave us complimentary chai, chocolate and shots!

The food was insane. My favourite was the lasagna! Make sure to ask for some tahini chocolate at the end of your meal and they also have a pure vegan deli next door with the most amazing cakes and bread.



This one is great for non vegans too as they include cheese and eggs in some dishes. I had a banana bread which was one of the best I’ve ever had, along with a tumeric smoothie (made from tahini, maple syrup, peanut butter, dates etc)… it was incredible!


This one won’t be for everyone as it is a 100% raw cafe. More for those really into health and already like raw food. However everybody would love their cakes and smoothies eg pecan pie raw smoothie and no bake blondies.

My favourite things we had was their sandwich made from almond bread and sushi (especially the one with avocado in it!)


A vegan Giorgian restaurant. Definitely unique!Favourite things here were the mushroom stuffed pasty and the chooooons!


We were hanging out at karmel market on our first day a bit confused about where to buy the so called amazing Israeli hummus. I was chatting to a market stall holder and asked him where he’d reccommend. He pointed to a place only 10 metres away so we have it a go.

I hope you eat as much delicious food as I did if you visit Tel Aviv! Xxxxx

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