We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy…

This blog title is a quote from one of my favourite hero’s of all time ~ Albus Dumbledore (yes, a fictional person).

Over the past few years this concept has really resonated with me. I began travelling in 2014, leaving the UK pretty naive about the world. I thought what I’d been taught at school, by my family and in the workplace was all solid knowledge that didn’t need to be challenged.

However, as I’ve begun learning, bit by bit, about our bodies, the workplace, cultures, the environment, ethics, mindset and relationships….(many many things), it has definitely made me think a hell of a lot! It has changed me quite significantly. Overall I’ve become a hell of a lot more positive about life. However, I have become a lot more cynical about corporates, charities and how money affects our world.

Therefore is really like to share a few of, what I think are, the truths, which may not be the easy option but will likely be the right option for you….

1. Find work which excites you to wake up every single day

A lot of people in this world (I’ve previously been one of them) are working in jobs where they are pretty happy, have great colleagues and awesome employee benefits. That’s exactly what I had. However….. I really do believe that we live in a time where we have oh so much opportunity. It is completely possible to wake up EVERY single day looking forward to working for a company you are completely in love with, with colleagues who are committed to helping you grow. Employee benefits are great but if you’re so completely in love with the work you do and feel this is your ‘purpose’, do you really need a snazzy company car or the best pension scheme.

Finding that ‘perfect’ job is likely to be a challenge. However, the likelihood is, for nearly everyone I ask, they DO have a dream company. It might not be easy to get a job there but is it absolutely impossible? Probably not.

I read a book called ‘Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?’ 4 years ago, in my early 20’s. Straight away I LOVED the book. It combined mindset with sport and humour; showing that you don’t necessarily need the best genetics or education to achieve your goals. However, your mindset and determination are everything. Therefore I got in touch with the authors, met with them, got them to like me, went travelling for 2 years but kept in touch and then persuaded them to hire me on my return. The best relationship investment of my life so far as I wake up every single day so excited to get stuck in,

2. Dairy is scary

Does it make sense to drink milk from another animal?

Icecream is yummy. Cheese is tasty. Yogurt is great. However, let’s not forget that we are not baby cows.

We stop producing the enzymes needed to break down milk at a young age, and therefore apx 90% with us have lactose intollerace to some degree.

This is one of the less severe reasons to give up dairy (in my opinion). Other reasons are because it is packed with IGF1 which promotes cell multiplication (e.g. if you have cancer cells it causes them to multiply), the cows and calves are treated horrifically and it is full of hormones and pus cells which are not ideal for our bodies.

With so many alternatives out there, I reccomend you begin by reducing your intake of dairy by 10% each month.


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