Becoming A Qualified Health Coach

How my story begun…

I’ve always been interested in longevity, have always liked eating fruit and veg and have always been active. Therefore a healthy-ish lifestyle has been the norm for most of my life so far.

However, after several years of hardcore drinking (I started drinking at 13!!), a pressured work environment and a serious iron deficiency (related to the alcohol) I realised I had let my health slip and found myself feeling lethargic and not like my super energetic self for several months. During this time I was far less productive, not as happy and didn’t feel particularly excited about life.

I have always considered myself as a risk taker so took action to change things. I decided to regain my health and boost my world experience by taking a few years out of the work hard/play hard rut to travel the world whist focussing on myself.


During this period of exploration, I was living in Sydney and living a very happy, healthy lifestyle with my boyfriend Sam. Spending time playing games on the beach, weekly trips to the farmers markets and outdoor yoga were our routined norm. Sydney was also where I met Stef, Wholesome Stef. We began doing yoga together, drinking chai lattes and going on double dates with our other halves.

She inspired me with her stories of how we was helping others through health coaching and sent me the Institute of Integrative Nutrition taster session.


A Sceptic

I was definitely sceptical, and not just because I’m a Brit! Here are a few of my main reasons why I wasn’t brought on board with her course (IIN) right away:

  1. I wasn’t sure how a 1 year course in Nutrition would ‘qualify’ me to help others with what they are eating and the way they were living
  2. The course is mainly home learning – I hadn’t done this before and deemed this kind of course to not be the real thing
  3. It is quite cheesy. I could tell this from the website. Very American
  4. Isn’t is super hard to persuade people to eat different foods? to build new habits? to exercise when they hate it? Especially without a degree in it to back up my points.
  5. I was not really sure what ‘Integrative Nutrition’ meant!?!?



I Gave It A Go

However, a made a bold move (I call myself a ‘risk taker’ so I knew I had to live up to my self chosen name!) and trusted Stef’s advice that the 1 year course changes your life and makes you a better person blah blah.


1 year later and I can honestly say I’ve never felt happier in my own skin and in the confidence I have to help change the lives of others.  I am now a Certified Integrative Health Coach (CIHC).

Why I’m so Glad I Took A ‘Risk’

Some of the benefits I’ve experienced include:

  • Flexible learning – I was travelling in Oz, Japan and India (even during my yoga teacher training) but the ability to keep up with my course on my iphone made this easy.
  • You actually don’t need to know everything about every nutrient and they way our bodies work to help people. Healthy living is remarkably simple. If you are reading this you probably know a lot already. It is the APPLICATION that is the tough part, which people need coaching on.
  • I understand we are all different people. What works for me might not be right for you. E.g. I love coffee but it makes me super hyper so I can’t drink it in the Mornings. My dad on the other hand can drink coffee right before bed and snooze off happily.
  • I see clients via Skype, from my own home at the weekends or after my day job – I love the flexible working.
  • I’ve met people from all over the world also interested in health. I’ve gone for coffee with other health coaches in training and have done Spanglish (Spanish/English) sessions with a another coach in Colombia and learnt about her health story there.
  • The non financial rewards you get from helping others to change their lives
  • I’ve enhanced my own life in so many ways and become so comfortable around health and lifestyle topics.
  • It has given me the chance to learn about setting up a health coaching business as well as tips for developing my yoga business.

Give It a Go Yourself

If you fancy seeing what it’s all about (content, structure, who is behind it) then click here for a first free class.

Let me know any questions you have because I probably had them at some point too!!



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