What is a Health Coach?

What does a health coach do?

Juggling unfortunately isn’t part of the role…!

A health coach helps people to develop new habits and understanding of how to take control of their long term health. Nearly everyone has health related goals they are working on, whether this be weight they wish to lose, a better work-life balance, a desire to become fitter. A health coach supports and coaches the individual to make the changes needed to reach their goals.

Below I explain where health coaches fit in to the medical sphere…

The Situation

Problem 1: Doctors are Over Worked

I’m sure you are well aware that doctors are inundated with patients. In the larger Cities such as London it can take several days, even a week (from my own experience) to book an appointment.I don’t believe that this is for any fault of the doctors. They seem to be working long hours and taking few breaks as they are seeing patients back to back. I can’t imagine how exhausting that must be!!


Problem 2: We are often treating symptoms rather than problems

When we are ill we sometimes think we ‘caught a cold’ or there is a tummy bug which is ‘going around’. Rather than taking accountability for the fact our immune systems may be over worked or we are not allowing ourselves enough time to nourish.

Doctors are trying to help as many people as they can but when they only have a 20 min slot for a patient, do they really have time to get to know ones full health history? Their lifestyle? Relationship challenges? Diet? Maybe sometimes but from my own experiences and from speaking to people, this is rare rather than the norm.

This is where a health coach comes in…


Benefit 1: A Health Coach gets to really know your Health History

Through proving a deep background of where you have come from, current lifestyle norms, diets, trauma etc, a health coach can come to understand you.

Therefore their reccommendations will be highly bespoke and focussed on the longer term rather than the quick fix.


Benefit 2: Coaching not Prescribing

Most of us know what we should and shouldn’t eat, how many hours of sleep we need, how we can improve our social lives, relationships etc. However, it is the application of this knowledge that is the most challenging to put into practice. A health coach works with you to support you in choosing where to begin, how to make small incremental changes and develop long term habits towards optimal health.



2 thoughts on “What is a Health Coach?

  1. It got me when you said that health coaches will not push you to do the practices that you are not familiar with. As you mentioned, they will let you start on the practice that you will feel the most comfortable with. I guess my sister should hire this kind of coach instead of other instructors to finally lose weight. She has been obese ever since we were teenagers, and she wanted to put an end to it after feeling like she was about to die yesterday due to heat.


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