Is quitting your job to travel a good idea?

Late 2014 I made the decision to leave my well paid & enjoyable job in media sales to travel, with a 1 way ticket 😛

Where did I go?

I began in New Zealand to watch my beautiful friend Harriet get married and 17 months later landed in India, my final destination, to commence a 1 month intensive yoga teacher training course.

In between I ventured across North, Central and South America, Australia and parts of Asia, before returning to London.

Maybe a little crazy?

A lot of people thought I was barmy to set off on this very unplanned adventure. I just had a 1 way ticket, I always lose stuff (and I did), I wasn’t really sure what I was aiming to ‘achieve’ from my trip and I was going with a boyfriend I’d only been with for a few months.

Purpose of this post?

This post is to answer some of the questions I got and still get asked about my experiences of leaving my steady corporate life for a nomadic, hippy lifestyle! I am now back living in London and couldn’t be happier with my current lifestyle and new found happiness. A couple of years of travelling isn’t for everyone but this might be interesting if it is something you are considering….


Did you get home sick?

I didn’t. Sam didn’t either. However, I’m sure having each other helped and I’d been away from home for up to 4 months before when at Uni and had travelled around South America for a few months aged 21.

The crazy reality that I felt is that Facebook, Skype and Whatsapp can make you feel that you are physically with someone but be on the other side of the world!!


Did you miss having a routine?

We travelled so slowly. Sometimes we were staying in 1 town for 2 weeks, to really get to know it and meet locals. Therefore I feel that it is possible to create a new routine anywhere you land. I am a Morning person and going for a walk or doing some exercise first thing was a routine we pretty much stuck to. I totally believe that a great Morning routine sets you up for the rest of the day!


How did you afford it?

Both of us worked hard for a few years post Uni. Sam has always had a successful betting side business and I worked in Sales and managed to do pretty well selling advertising space for a few years.

We didn’t do any hardcore boozing on our trip. Not for the reason of saving money but because we didn’t want to. I guess we were too excited about waking up every day early to start exploring and feeling our best. This would’ve probably saved us quite a bit over the 2 years!

Did it hinder your career progression?

The opposite.

Sam found a new passion, web development, and began studying for this about 1 year before we returned home. Now he has fully retrained and works as a web developer in London.

For me, working in various roles in Australia and doing some volunteering in Mexico and Belize opened my eyes to different businesses. I worked for a tech start up in Sydney for 6 months where I learnt so much about small business, tough selling and how all parts of business (marketing, opps, finance) need to fit seamlessly together.

As a result, I came back with new skills and an open mind to selling.

Absolutely this isn’t for everyone and yes, you do need to save up a good amount of cash to do this (some exceptions to this rule). ‘Was it worth it? is actually a question I’ve never been asked and have never asked myself.

Maybe because the answer to myself and to others around me (from seeing my adventures on social media) is pretty clear.

uestions you have – I can write up further answers to FAQ's on this post 😬😬😬


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