10 Benefits of Plant Based Living

Since stopping eating animals & their products in early 2016 I have been pretty amazed by the various benefits and life improvements I’ve experienced.

People are always asking what I see the greatest benefits to be, so I’ve noted down some of my favourites in case you’re interested:

1. Energy, Energy, Energy

This is by far my favourite as it affects every minute of every day for me and I’ve also loved seeing how my boyfriend has gone from being a coffee drinking, always a bit tired kind of guy to now being so buzzing at his desk each day (due to carbs and not cocaine I hope) that he’s running 5k’s nearly ever lunch time.

Neither of us have had a cold, illness (touch wood) or day off since becoming plant based too, wahoo!

Paddle board yogaaar14689928_10153900083046828_1015632477_o

2. Clear Skin

Although I haven’t suffered badly from spots for years, my skin was often a bit bumpy or uneven, especially when living in London.

From what I’ve read, a lot of skin issues can be caused by dairy, the hormones found in meat/eggs and vitamin deficiencies, such as zinc which vegans often get plenty of through the starchy stuff & veggies they eat.

Now, I happily go about my day with a bare face and for the days when I want to wear makeup, I’ve switched my foundation to a tinted moisturise. A vegan one of course!

My terrible commute14585628_10153881714266828_2109487977_o-1

3. No More Bladder Infections

Throughout my teens and early twenties I was plagued with cystitis every month or so. Over the past year I haven’t had a single bout and a few months back, had no idea why this had stopped. Then I read an article which explained that E coli is typically the bacteria associated with urinary tract infections (UTI’s), such as cystitis and lives in the body for up to 2 weeks.

Where was I getting this E coli from? Most likely to be chickens (I won’t go into the details here) but having not touched chicken for nearly a year, my wee is 100% pain free, always. Wahey.

Celebration time14677913_10153900082271828_1513195406_o

4. Eat Until You Are Completely Full, Always

To be honest, I’ve always done this anyway and because I’ve been sporty growing up I never put on much weight. However, I know many of my friends have restricted how much they eat and doing so makes you feel unsatisfied, always thinking about food and potentially grumpy.

When you eat plant-based you realise that eating is oh so common sense. You eat when you’re hungry and you do that until you’re full. Voila.

Delicious plant based pizza topped with thinly sliced sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, cashew cream and dukkha.14647181_10153900084231828_1838226833_o

and dairy free ice-cream after @ Gelato Blue in Sydney. Peanut butter flavour is unreal as you can see by my expression.14536518_10153881712271828_2015121401_o-1

5. Knowing That You Are Not Supporting Cruel, Low Standards

I had no idea what really goes on in factory farms until I started reading into it a few years ago. I still shy away from videos and images which, I admit, is absolutely cowardly.

The pretty egg packets showing ‘free range hens’ happily wandering around fields is so so far from the truth yet our governments have next to no regulations on what is permitted in these farms.

The legislation in place to protect animal welfare and the health of our world is virtually non existent so it is up to you to do your own research and choose whether you like the idea of eating something produced in a factory farm environment.

Earthlings is a great film to watch to educate you on some of this topic and help you make up your mind either way.


6. Opening The Door To Incredibly Smart People

When I was transitioning to a vegan lifestyle I wanted to meet vegans. I was sceptical that they’d all be dread locked hippies and unable to see the bigger picture. How very wrong I was. Stepping into a Sydney vegan meet-up, unless you knew what the event was I think you’d struggle to pick out the fact that the majority of attendees are vegan.

The other thing I love about the vegan meet-ups I’ve been to is that a lot of non-vegans go who are simply curious or keen for a good feed!

Not quite a meet-up but dinner party at casa Prilton14699622_10153905660816828_1480267031_o-1

7. Fighting Against World Hunger

I’m confident that there are very few people alive today who truly wish for children in Africa to starve to death each day. When I learnt about how veganism is a gateway to reducing world hunger, that was it, I knew I could not go back as this topic is extremely close to my heart.

If you’re not too sure about how veganism can help us battle poverty…some (Lehman’s terms) facts are as follows:

  • The amount of grain and water it takes to feed animals (which we then go onto eat) is an highly inefficient way to create food.
  • 40% of grain today goes to livestock.
  • If just 1 in 10 people switched to a vegan diet this could leave us with enough grain to feed those in poverty rather than enjoying our rumps whilst many people can’t even put a plate of rice & beans together.
  • If instead of feeding animals with the grain we initially produce, we fed the grain to those starving, we could be well on our way to helping feed more of our worlds sick and starving 1 billion people.

This doesn’t mean you need to eat boring meals of rice and vegetables. The limit of creativity for the food you eat is really only limited by your imagination.

8. Longevity

There are 5 areas in the world where the highest number of centenarians (people who are 100+) live. These include Loma Linda in California and Okinawa in Japan.

These areas also have the lowest rates of cancer and heart disease amongst several other diseases. Would it not make sense to look into what these guys do?

From my reading I’ve figured that all of these places have certain lifestyle traits in common, including a majority plant-based diet and high sense of community.

9. Carb it Up

I’m not sure if I’ve ever met a person who doesn’t like starchy food. I love pizza, pasta, sweet potatoes, paella and sushi, and all of them can easily be made vegan friendly. I absolutely loved fishy paella and spag bol growing up. But do I miss them? I can honestly say not one bit. Mainly because I’ve learnt about what those products actually are.

The alternatives may take a little experimentation and learning, but aside from that the benefits (more energy, no cruelty, cheaper) for me have far outweighed the small sacrifice and little time it has taken to try out new ingredient combinations.


10. Save our Dolphins

I’ve noticed that dolphins, turtles and sea lions often have a special place in people’s hearts. They are beautiful creatures.

Unfortunately these species often get caught in fishing vessels (apx 6.5 million per year) and many get taken from the sea by fishermen who are scouting for other fish. They are often dead by the time the get chucked back into the ocean or are simply discarded of altogether.


Would love to hear your thoughts too xxxx

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