4 Tips for Newbie Yoga Teachers

Maybe you’ve just finished your yoga teacher training and excited about sharing your new found wisdom. Or maybe you’re just about to start your training and thinking about the opportunities ahead. Both of these are an exciting position to be in!

This was me just a year ago. I completed a 200 hr Ashtanga & Vinyasa course in Goa, India. I loved pretty much every second of being there (apart from the loss of passport and visa situation….!), I learnt so much and figured out what I loved about yoga (vinyasa flow) and what wasn’t really for me (Ashtanga).

I arrived back in London after being away for 2 years, excited to begin classes and expecting I’d be able to rent out a hipster space and pack it out with friends and friends of friends in no time or teach at big corps during lunch hour. Hmmmm it didn’t really work out like this. Instead I now teach 3 regular private classes a week (alongside my full time job this is all I can manage). Therefore I’m going to share some of my top tips around what went well and how I’ve overcome some of the hiccups on the way:

1. Keep learning, constantly!

After you finish a 200hr course you know a fair bit, especially if you’ve been practicing for years. However, being a great teacher requires very different skills than being a great yogi.

My first couple of classes were very average. My tone was often corporate and tense. I couldn’t adapt on the spot and I rarely told funny anecdotes. I.e I was STIFF!!

After attending another 100 or so classes over the last year I’ve picked up a lot of nuggets along the way. From every class I attend I try and note down 1 think I loved and take this on for the future.

2. Your audience may not be who you think they are

My original target audience was ‘hard working millenials’. I chose this because I thought these are the typical yoga lovers with disposable income. However, my client base is now predominantly mothers or fathers, mid 30’s to 50’s, who work very busy lives and have injuries or low fitness.

I’ve found this is an area where I can really make a difference because without private classes they probably wouldn’t do yoga.

3. Hustle

Know somewhere that uses yoga teachers regularly where you could teach as a one off for your marketing g? A local studio or lulu lemon store or cafe which does yoga events?

For me, this was my local Lulu Lemon stores. They rotate yoga teachers on Sundays throughout their London stores.

I kept asking at different stores and to different people working in the stores. Simply, if you don’t ask, you don’t get…Asking simple questions like ‘who is the right person to be speaking to about blah blah…’ or ‘would you be looking for a yoga teacher over the next few months to deliver a class’ will get you pointed in the right direction.

4. Don’t be afraid to charge what you are worth for private classes.

Imposter syndrome is natural for all of us to come across during our careers. However, it is how we deal without these negative thoughts that matter.

How to figure out what is the right amount to charge? Ask other teachers in your local area what they would do in your position. Be comforatable with the amount you charge and confidently say it to your prospective client.

Feel feee to message me any questions newbies or prospective teachers. I’d love to help xxx


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