‘No Way is that Vegan’

When you pick up a product and realise that against all odds, it is unintentionally vegan, it’s a ‘wahooo’ moment. Thought I’d share a few of my finds with you…😛 #thesuspense

Warburtons Crumpets

I hear most crumpets are vegan but fo shoooore these Warburtons ones are…

Lather on vegan margarine & jam for a yummmm snack

Fox’s Party Ring Tings

WTF these things even contain spirulina… check the packet if you don’t believe me!

Better Crocker’s Cake Mix

Instead of using a chickens egg, use flax/chia seeds mixed with a bit of water. Google ‘how to make a flax egg’ and you’ll see what I mean. Takes 30 secs to make!

Maybe not all of the Betty Crocker range are vegan but all the ones I’ve so far seen are 🙂

Beefy Pot Noodle

Yep, I know. The world of food is a surprising place! I believe many if not all of their ‘meat’ ones are veegs whoop. Great way to get your carnivorous fix!


I thought this upside down photo was cool when I took it. Massively failed and instead it looks like I’m trying to do something naughty…

Ben & Jezzas Vegan range

No taste lost. Try for yourself and be stunned!! I hope 😜😜

Prawn cocktail crisps

Just goes to show we can get all the delicious flavours we need from plants!

Heinz shizzle

Spag hoops (my phone is keen to auto correct to ‘slag’ 😂), baked beans, ketchup. All big V!


Definitely not the breakfast i would advocate you feed your kids but I thought this one may raise some eye brows!!

Ritz Crackers

‘No way can that cheesy taste be vegan!?’ I hear you say…


McCoy Sizzling BBQ Chicken

Another shocker 😉


Mr Kipling Apple & Black Currant Pies

Yes way Jose!

mr kip

ASDA Mince Pies

Maybe not all of them are so look for this packaging:

mince pies

Bacon Flavoured Crisps

Need your ‘bacon fix’?!?

 tesco bacon rashers

Nacho Cheese by McCain

Oh em geeeee !

nacho cheese There are hundreds more. You can check out websites such as this one for more inspo!

Note: What you’ll probably notice is that it is 100% possible to be an unhealthy vegan!

I absolutely don’t advocate making the above your staple diet….these are not the healthiest of products but for times when you are already going to buy junk, could you make it vegan junk!?

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