Santorini Travel Tips

Sam and I spent 4 incredible days in Santorini in November 2017. Most people were surprised to hear we were visiting during this time of year as the weather wouldn’t be its typical hot n’ sweaty self. Plus a lot of restaurants and shops would be closed….hmmmm is this something that should have put us off…..?

Nope! We had numerous advantages for taking a trip out of season. For instance, our STUNNING air bnb’s were about 60% cheaper, far fewer tourists = more magical for exploring and taking photos, no need to make restaurant reservations and locals seemed very happy to chat to us Crazy out of season stayers!

However since I haven’t visited in peak season I can’t compare and tell people ‘it’s better’, just maybe worth looking into if you are on a budget/looking for less tourists 🙂

Now to share some of our top tips….

Take Silly (or just beautiful) pictures in front of the beautiful buildings

They provide brilliant photo opps. Santorini is incomparable in this way to any other place I’ve visited!

Walk from Fira to Oia

We did this walk twice as we loved it so much! The walk is not too difficult. If you have a basic level of fitness you’ll be fine!

There are some insane view points on the way and a mix of terrains. One way took us apx 2.5 hours each time and we stopped to take lots of photos like the ones below…

Santorini Sunset advice from a taxi driver

You’ll have inevitably already heard about the sunset. Yep, it’s amazing! A lovely taxi driver told us to stay around our chosen sunset spot post sunset, for 30 mins ish to take pictures, because the colours in the sky are most beautiful then. He was right!

Eat ‘Fava’

A dip made of split peas, which dipping homemade bread into is unreal! Similar to hummus, but in my opinion, even better…. and I’m a huge hummus eater!

Glug Santorini Wine

I was sceptical that it would be any good but drank it in 4 places (white and red) and thought it was delicious every time! You can also visit the vineyards.

Stay somewhere with a sickkk view

If you can’t afford to do this for your whole trip, maybe do it just for one night?!

Yoga with Veronika

Santorini’ beautiful yoga teacher holds rooftop classes a few times a week. Check out @santoriniyoga on Instagram to see her out to date schedule.

Eat at ‘Salt and Pepper’

Importantly, the food is great. But even more importantly is the buzz you gain from the owners. Irene is front of house and has the funniest tales + takes a picture with ever single table that enter.

Great veggie options (but to be honest we thought all Greek restaurants have super veggie options). We ate fried tomato balls, fava and grilled balsamic veg. Delishhhh.

Hire a moped or ATV

Being in the open air exploring is so much more fun and keeps you ‘in the moment’.

It was super cheap and allowed us to visit places all around the island – including red beach and black beach.

Final tip…

Stay in the moment and love every second of it!!

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