Paddleboard Yoga

Why Try?

Paddle boarding itself is surprisingly straight forward, even for those, like myself with a poor sense of balance.

What I love about paddle boarding is that you can chat to your friends during a session, give your arms a good workout and even try out some yoga moves, maybe making a lot of people stare… but why care?!

My friend Vanessa and I hired some boards in Noosa, Australia, simply intending to go for a little explore of the nearby bay’s but ended up giving several yoga moves a go too. We fell off numerous times and got made a few (creepy) friends in the water.

Here is a few of our favourite poses…

Simple Sailing:

Whilst we found our balanced and explored some pretty coves…

Upward Dog:

An easy pose to begin with on your board. It doesn’t require too much strength or balance but feels so good on the water.

Modification: low cobra…especially reccomend this if you haven’t warmed up your back beforehand as a full up dog can be very intense on the spine and back muscles.



Really engage your core and thighs for maximum benefit.

Again, this one is not too tricky and is a good pose to kick things off with.

Three Legged Dog:

Definitely one of the more challenging postures I tried but well worth giving a go as it gives a beautiful photo and it really doesn’t matter if you fall in!

Downward Dog:

The king of the yoga poses. A definite one to give a go.

Tips: reall push into the board with your fingers, raise your hips to the sky and keep a bend in your knees if your heels do not reach down to the board.


This one was particularly hard to get the balance right!

Worth giving a go…. and you could give the other forms of warrior a go too.14699487_10153905451501828_1263799196_o-1

Bum In Air (For the Boys):


The Creeper:14697193_10153905450781828_1380267734_o-1


Sooooo many lolz were had on those beautiful Noosa waters 😀

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