5 Foods to Boost Your Energy

Having high energy revolutionises your performance at work, your time with your friends/family and, I think, how much you enjoy life. Therefore, a big focus of mine is ensuring my energy levels are consistently high. Food is clearly a big contributor and therefore I’m sharing my top ‘finds’ and the reasons why

1. Potatoes

Personally I prefer the sweet variety but all potatoes are great!

Why? They are so easily digested, full of starchy rich carbohydrate (no, they won’t make you put on weight), contain tonnes of fibre (note: 97% of us are deficient in fibre) and packed with vitamins and minerals.

How to prepare: mash, boil, bake but avoid frying/the packaged variety as you lose so much of the nutrition and instead, are packing yourself with oily fat rather than starchy energy!


2. Wholegrain Pasta

How to choose: Pasta gets such a bad rap for making people gain weight. It is really important however to recognise that there are different types of pasta. The typical shop bought pasta (the white kind) is highly process and deplete of nutrients. Therefore, opt for the wholegrain types (any brown pasta you see should fit this build!)

How to prepare: tomato based sauces with added veggies and beans is a good, easy style! Top off with olives and nutritional yeast for a salty ‘kick!’

Alternative ideas here. There are so many it may blow your mind. Just remember, opt of the wholegrain type!

23023289_10154962412666828_558032581_o (1)

3. Bananas

Why? Renowned for being a stable part of an athletes diet and monkeys have a lot of energy right? Nutients in bananas help moderate sugar levels, provide you with a pump of energy and may help to prevent cramps and soreness.

How to eat? For alternative ideas, rather than just stating the obvious, how about mashing one up before putting your cereal/porridge in the bowl, mashing to pop on to toast and blending in smoothies. You can be super creative with bananas, I even had them once as a side dish to a curry and it was super yum!

4. Lentils

My personal, optimal food for energy. I’ve done a lot of experimenting with what I eat over the last few years and I now know that after packing myself with lentils the night before, I am guaranteed to feel energetic the following day. Why? They are often described as a ‘nutritional powerhouse’, full of vitamins and minerals and are so so insanely cheap.

How to prepare: We ate dahl every day for a month in India and I didn’t get at all bored. Other ways of eating lentils are by making them into falafels, adding to curries and salads.


5. Beans

I love black beans and hummus. However, there are an insane amount of different bean varieties out there that it’s hard to get bored! Local ethnic stores are a great place to pick up new varieties of bargain tins of beans.

How to prepare: a lot of people make the effort to soak beans days before eating them. Personally, I don’t see this is a priority as it is time and space consuming. Therefore I buy the tinned variety, Organic when possible. They cost 35p to £1 a tin. Bargain!


Cook in stir frys, make into brownies or be creative with different types of beany dips! Enjoy xxxx


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