Why do Yoga? 

Obvious reasons include increasing mobility, calming the mind and helping injuries. However a few of the less obvious ones which I’ve found are as follows:


As arrogant as I may sound, I’ve become pretty damn strong after practicing yoga for a few years. I love that practicing arm balances is focussing on getting into a beautiful posture and achieving something but building up my arm strength is a secondary benefit….essentially I get so much more out of this than losing weights (although I do this too!).

Strength benefits are not just bigger biceps but I can do standard life things easily – moving furniture, holding kids, I can walk with a 20k backpack for an hour no problem!


Going to yoga retreats and events has allowed me to meet so many amazing, likeminded, entrepreneurial people. A few years ago I might have thought yogis were a bunch of dreadlocked hippies. It’s been so far from the truth!

Developing Self Belief

This has developed through a combination of reading personal development books, meeting certain people and I definitely believe Yoga has been a hugely contributing factor.

Getting Closer to Nature

I love to practice and teach yoga outdoors. On the beach, in fields, wherever!

Being outside just makes me feel so amazing.


When we are working on not toppling over our concentration is fully in tact. This is rare in the modern world.

Practicing your balance is super fun and gives you a great sense of achievement. It is also great for your posture, core strength and mindset!


Before doing yoga I was slightly lopsided (I found this out after having massages and also when going on those running machines which assess your strides before you purchase new trainers).

To buy my latest pair of trainers I went again to be tested on a running machine (the same machine as previously) and this time I was told that my strides were completely even, meaning I could choose pretty much any of the shoes in the shop!




Typically mine isn’t great. My mind has always been wandering. Maths was probably my facourite class at school because it was much less of ‘watching the teacher’ time and much more about practicing the equations, sums etc myself.

Mindfulness and being present are key elements of yoga practice. As a result I have found it much easier to get into meditating outside of my yoga practice and consequently feel that I have become far better at concentrating on one task at a time, rather than being all over the place!


Any other benefits you’ve found please share as I’m keen to increase this list 😉 xxxx

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