Helena’s Top 5 Yoga Poses

Here are my favourites (which probably change depending on my mood). Although I go to a few regular classes per week to practice Vinyasa Flow I love spending 10-15 mins each Morning playing around and trying new poses. Every week I have some kind of break through!

1. Headstand (Sirsasana)

If you follow my instagram you won’t be suprising to hear that I’m pretty addicted to headstands.

Unless I’m injured or can’t for whatever reason I headstand for 1-2 mins each day and I mix up the variations for getting into the pose and what I do with my legs and arms when in the pose.

Benefits include: increasing blood flow to the head and scalp, strengthen shoulders and arms, improve digestion.

2. Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)

Similar to headstand, there are many variations. I recommend starting off with working into the basic version and getting your alignment correct before trying the more advanced variations such as below.

I used to get strangely anxious before trying this, can’t exactly work out why. The more I’ve practiced, the less I’ve become anxious with them!

Benefits include: improve circulation, reduce anxiety, helps with headaches.


3. Dancers Pose (Natarajasana)

I’m certainly no dance. I’d love to be though, so maybe this is my way of feeling that little more ‘dainty dancer’ esque!

This is a pose which looks beautiful even when you are a beginner, and the more you practice, the higher you’ll be able to get your leg up!

Benefits Include: build full body strength, coordination and flexbility. I love this pose as it gets you totally in the zone. It’s difficult to think of anything else whilst you’re in it as it requires your full concentration.

4. Tree Pose (Vrkasana)

As a beginner you can practice getting your put up to the inside of your lower leg, rather than your thigh. As you become stronger and more flexible you can take your leg into the full pose.

This pose gives you the opportunity to play around too, e.g. going into your full tree with your hands overhead, taking the arms from left to right to build up your core or taking your hands in prayer behind your back.

Benefits include: strengthens legs, develops balance and encourages calmness in the mind.

5. Forearm Stand (Pincha)

Certainly this is a more advanced pose which has taken me about 6 months to develop. I can now hold the pose for approx 10 seconds…..it’s been a lot of work just to get to that point but also a great deal of fun!

I began practising against the wall and then practising toppling over (surprisingly it doesn’t hurt at all)

Benefits Include: strengthens core and arms, improves balance and reduces stress.

Currently working on….. HANDSTAND!!!!

Lots of yogic love xxx

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