Welcome to my website… I’m guessing that you have some kind of interest in yoga? Great!

To understand a bit more about who I am, in 3 words I’d describe myself as outdoorsy, curious & adventurous.

I am a London based yoga teacher, trained in Vinyasa Flow & Ashtanga. I also work in the world of personal development (working for a company which uses Olympic success strategies to help people improve their own personal success). My yoga classes combine personal development themes to bring a new edge of developing our minds whilst practising poses … 

For years, I was a competitive athlete. Playing non stop hockey and netball in my childhood and running & swimming through my early 20’s, to keep somewhat ‘fit’ whilst working in the corporate world.

I discovered yoga as a means to alleviate injuries, improve my flexibility and reduce anxiety. All 3 of these areas have completely transformed for me as well as many other benefits; meeting amazing people, improving my strength and opening my mind up to new possibilities in life.

Travelling the world through 2014-2017 meant I was (almost) permanently out of my comfort zone. I have always been happy to put myself ‘out there’ and therefore I was forever trying new exercise classes as a way to get fitter, meet likeminded people and learn new languages. Yoga-ing through South America was a great way to learn Spanish whilst practicing yoga and meeting locals.


In 2016 I travelled to India to study a 200 hour Ashtanga & Vinyasa Teacher Training course at Kranti Yoga School on Goa, which I highly, highly recommend! 

Since my training, yoga has become an upmost priority in my life. I feel I’m forever learning so much, developing my skills and hopefully, becoming a better person as well as a fantastic teacher (I’m consistently learning!)

If you have any questions please do get in touch. Find my details on the ‘Contact’ tab – I’d love to hear from you!